February 26, 2019 1 min read

Should I wear my leather bracelet in the water? Can I? What if it’s stingray leather?

Leather is a tricky material, and often when we find ourselves caring for it, we may not know exactly the right course of action to follow. If something is cotton, then you know you can get it wet and you know that you can throw it right into your laundry machine. When you are dealing with leather, however, everything is a little less clear cut. Perhaps the question asked more than any other is this one: can I wear my leather bracelet in the water?

You’re out for a day at the pool, on the vacation at the beach, or dipping your toes into a hot tub before bed. You want to go all the way in, but if you are wearing a leather bracelet, do you need to take it off first? While we can’t speak for all leather products, we can say this: your stingray leather bracelet is 100% waterproof. Yes, 100%. Swim until your heart’s content, and when you get out, your stingray bracelet will look just as beautiful as it did when you woke up in the morning.

Stingray leather is unlike any other type of leather, both in terms of it look and in terms of its durability. To find a stingray leather bracelet of your own, check this out! https://unique-leather-bracelets.com/collections/mens-bracelets

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